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The Mortal Instruments

So, a while back, my grandma read the Mortal Instruments trilogy. She said she loved them, and that I should read them. So, I did. I read CITY OF BONES (the first book) a good year-and-a-half ago, and loved it. The second one, though? Totally turned me off. I read 100 pages and gave up.
Recently, however, I gave CITY OF ASHES a try. It wasn't very good, very bland and full of monotony, and I didn't really like it. Now, I'm reading CITY OF GLASS, and I am remembering much of why I liked the first one.
It's totally giving me the feeling that I need to put its review on here when I'm done!
(P.S. I'm beginning to think the oftenness of my posting time is incorrigible.)
So, Friday I began to read VAMPIRE ACADEMY for the . . . fifth . . . time. But it's only because Last Sacrifice (my userpic today!) is out Dec. 7th. Which, if you can't figure it out, is in NINE DAYS.
I am so pumped. Especially because it's 600 pages, as opposed to the previous being between 300-500.
I've stalked the author's blog forEVER, looking for info. (blue-succubus.livejournal.com)
And I found some recently! Go take a look.


It's Legally Been Too Long . . .

. . . since I posted on this blog. Yeah, I know, it's seriously inexplicable why I haven't posted. I'm not sure the whole "blog" thing is for me . . .
But I've read a lot since the last time! And I mean A LOT. Quite a load of books.
But, knowing me, I'm not going to post reviews for them because I have much better things to do with my time than post reviews. But I will post my progress in my quarter-of-a-year novel:

20497 / 75000

45777 / 55000


I haven't posted in a month... Doesn't that make you mad, invisible people who I wish read this blog so I'd feel pleased with myself? The good news is that I've read a bunch of books since the last time I've been online.
They include (with ratings!):

RADIANCE - Alyson Noel
4.5/5 STARS -- Very entertaining read at only 175 pages; it was good, nevertheless, and I quickly grew humored at Riley Bloom's witty humor. I think Noel is one of my favorite authors in the world. The ending made me go *HAPPY SIGH*. The only thing I didn't like about it was its length, as mentioned earlier. I mean, 175 pages? And we have to wait SIX WHOLE MONTHS for the next one?! Well, honestly, I shouldn't have expected an 120,000-word epic, considering RADIANCE is (supposedly) middle-grade.
Also, from Noel in the near future comes NIGHT STAR, the fifth addition to the fantastic IMMORTALS Series. (Nov. 16th, to be exact.) I'm ridiculously excited for this, especially since it seems like DARK FLAME (the fourth book in the series) just came out yesterday. My mother doesn't like the third and fourth books, because they seem to her like they end right where they started. I, however, disagree, and think that they are marvelous additions. I do see how it upsets people like my mom who aren't very patient, though.
RADIANCE was a fantastic start to a four-book series that I'm sure will deliver in the future.

PARANORMALCY - Kiersten White
4.5/5 STARS -- When I bought PARANORMALCY, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. From the dark cover and the synopsis, I expected a dark fantasy about heartbreak. Boy, was I wrong, although the end result was fantastic. PARANORMALCY turned out to be a very light-hearted, sarcasm-filled adventure filled with downright scariness and lots of twists. Like B. Fitz blurbed, "Oh, bleep! I'm in love!"
The reason it got a half-star knocked off is because it just kind of ended nowhere, letting you know that there'll be twelve more books (actually, only three, but it seems like there'll be twelve).

HALO - Alexandra Adornetto
3.5/5 -- HALO was a very exciting book as well. It was fairly entertaining throughout; I really liked all of the characters, especially Xavier. He was the perfect primary love interest. the things that disappointed me are:
1) The fact that this book could've easily been shortened to about two-thirds of what it turned out to be (almost 500 pages), and
2) The fact that the climax was nowhere near powerful enough to satiate me, and
3) Unnamed bad-guy couldn't have been more of a dead giveaway.

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES - Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
5/5 -- Purely AMAZING. I can't wait for BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS. The climax of the book lasted about 40 pages, and I couldn't avert my eyes within those 40 pages. Within the other 520, I could try, and it was painful. Truly a great book. The authors' writing style(s?) were so absorbing, and I loved Ethan's character and how he narrated; it's refreshing to see a male, first-person YA narrator.

KISSES FROM HELL - Richelle Mead, Alyson Noel, Kristin Cast, Kelley Armstrong & Francesca Lia Block
Mead -- 4/5
Noel -- 4.5/5
Cast -- ?/5 (Can't rate it . . .)
Armstrong -- 4.5/5
Block -- 2/5
Overall -- 4/5

TORMENT - Lauren Kate
3.5/5 -- Mehh . . . I honestly liked FALLEN better, because I liked the setup at Sword & Cross better than Shoreline, and I thought the climax was better in the first book. But it was still great.
I honestly almost stopped three times before the last hundred pages crept up on me. If it wouldn't have been for those, TORMENT would be on my shelf with a bookmark crammed halfway through.

STORM FRONT - Jim Butcher
5/5 -- This story was pure genius. I knew from the first paragraph that I'd fall in love with STORM FRONT; that much was inevitable. And right now I find a strange urge to buy the next one, and maybe even the one after that, too . . .
STORM FRONT was amazing. Butcher included just the right amount of wit and sass (I love that word, SASS) to keep me laughing and wanting to read on.

Now, I'm reading REMEMBER ME by Christopher Pike, and I hope to finish the first book soon.

RADIANCE Excitement!

Hey, people! :D
I know I haven't posted in . . . aack . . . a week? Maybe?
Well, it doesn't matter. Because I've finished TWO BOOKS since then! :D
They are:

THE SUMMONING by Kelley Armstrong ( http://search.barnesandnoble.com/The-Summoning/Kelley-Armstrong/e/9780061450549/?itm=2&USRI=The+Summoning )
RADIANCE by Alyson Noel ( http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Radiance/Alyson-Noel/e/9780312629175/?itm=2&USRI=radiance )

They were both amazing. I'm posting their reviews below.
But,  before I'm going to post my review of these two excellent books, I'm going to say I've written 4,000 words in the past hour-and-a-half. Good ones, too. Which is why I may seem a little boring today.

Because no one reads this blog, I'm gonna procrastinate and post these reviews later, or tomorrow.

'Sup, Yo!

Haven't posted in four days . . . I know, the imaginary people reading this blog are moaning and groaning and driving me to post again. Which, you know, I don't really mind, considering it gives me a false sense of hope that someone is actually reading this.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is to tell you that I'm going to finish HUNTED (and the rest of the series) before AWAKENED comes out, so I have a fresh idea of recent events in my head. It'd be pointless to have to read them again, right?


Oh, thank you, thank you. You're too kind.

At the moment, I'm going to read the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong. I'm over halfway through THE SUMMONING right now, and am going to finish this series before I read anything else. Next, I'll probably try and read the books by Cinda Williams Chima. Or, re-read The Immortals series by Alyson Noel. . . .
Decisions, decisions. . . .

I think that's all for today.

Remember, folks, I am naked (under my clothes).


Halfway Through!

Just thought I'd check in with y'all (or, more accurately, 'y'all' meaning 'the people who I wish in my mind actually read this).

I'm halfway through UNTAMED


right now. I went to work with my dad today, which was dreadfully boring. But, hey! It wasn't that boring because at least I could read a little.

That's really all for today. I'm not really inspired to write a whole blog post, so I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, people in my head!



Vampires . . . .

Okay, so I finished Chosen last night for the third time, *happy dance* , which brings me to today's topic: vampires. (If you couldn't tell by the userpic.)
Personally, I love 'em. I know people who want to kill Stephenie Meyer, people who want to marry her, and I people like me who just want her to write more books, nothing more and nothing less. No extremities.
Chosen by P.C. and Kristin Cast (the third in the House of Night series) is a book about vampires (or, in their book, vampyres), and a pretty awesome one at that. This book is back in the time when the House of Night wasn't all too serious and people weren't dying all over the place.


Bloodlust and dark forces are at work at the House of Night, and fledgling vampyre Zoey Redbird’s adventures at the school take a mysterious turn. Those who appear to be friends are turning out to be enemies. And, oddly enough, sworn enemies are also turning into friends. So begins the gripping third installment of this “highly addictive series” (Romantic Times), in which Zoey’s mettle will be tested like never before. Her best friend, Stevie Rae, is undead and struggling to maintain a grip on her humanity. Zoey doesn’t have a clue how to help her, but she does know that anything she and Stevie Rae discover must be kept secret from everyone else at the House of Night, where trust has become a rare commodity. Speaking of rare, Zoey finds herself in the very unexpected and rare position of having three boyfriends. Mix a little bloodlust into the equation and the situation has the potential to spell social disaster. Just when it seems things couldn’t get any tougher, vampyres start turning up dead. Really dead. But, as Zoey and her friends find out, things are not always what they seem…

Well, to start off, I'm going to remind everyone that I've read this series twice already. I love each and every book with a passion, and this doesn't change my opinion at all. This book seems to be shorter than the rest, which is actually a pretty good thing considering I'm so picky about the length.
I actually flew through it this time around. Revisiting earlier scenes in this series surprises me at how mature Zoey, the maind character, and the "nerd herd" are getting now that they're on the verge of death.
I hate how in lots of reviews, people always say Zoey is a [bad word that starts with an S and rhymes with mutt]. She's not; she's in high school, and is experimenting. She doesn't know who her soul mate is! She's 17, for Pete's sake.
I love this series with all of my heart. This is probably my favorite book of the series.

A mini-excerpt that doesn't ruin anything:
Damien pointedly frowned at the Twins and then cleared his throat. "You two are completely incorrigible."
"Twin, I forget, what does incorrigible mean?" Shaunee said.
"I do believe it means that we're hotter and sexier than a whole herd of corriges," Erin said, still bumping and grinding.

It's filled all throughout with humor and sadness and joy and tear-your-hair-out poor choices that's overall a fantastic read in a fantastic series. I would recommend them.
The first book:
The second book:
The third book:
CHOSEN (the one I'm reviewing)
The fourth book:
The fifth book:
The sixth book:
The seventh book:
Those are all the books that are out now.
Though, if you stay tuned at the http://www.houseofnightseries.com/ website, you'll see that the next book, AWAKENED, comes out January 4th of 2011, and before that, the Fledgling Handbook 101 comes out on the 26th of October this year.

I completely recommend this series! Go buy them. NOW. Or I will kill you. *Mild exaggeration*
But, seriously. If you have any money and any sense, buy these books. At least buy one of them. You won't be sorry.
Be warned, though, that they contain mild-moderate language, well at least in the first few books, because near the end of what's out now they become more serious with much more serious problems.
Be warned.
(But still read 'em.)
I think I"m either going to continue the series with UNTAMED or start REMEMBER ME, because I'm really TEMPTED (yay for irony! See book above) to start that . . . .
What do I read next?!

That's all for today!


Blogging Addictions . . .

Okay . . . I sense a blogging addiction coming on.
Oh, no. It's not just because it's blogging and it's cool. (That's one reason.) It's mainly because of the fact that I can be myself and be awesome here. I can channel my anger and emotion out into a simple blog post.

Example: I've set today's userpic as a drop of blood because someone is going to die.

Which I find pretty awesome.
For the first few posts, I'm going to be doing things that happened to me. The first day of school is next Monday; that'll be blog gold. I'm sure if I wanted to, I could write eight thousand words about my first day of school. A lot of 'em wouldn't be very good, say, uh, 7,500 of 'em, because I'm such an awkward person:

Example: I sat, imagining myself boring holes into the desk I'd been staring wide-eyed at for the past eight years *exaggeration* with laser-beam vision. Then someone talked to me.
Someone actually talked to me! I felt like screaming out in delight, but that'd be weird sitting in the middle of thirty other kids.
"Hi," the random stranger girl said.
Should I reply? I didn't want to embarrass myself by speaking and saying something stupid or stuttering. Being silent, however, would be just as embarrassing.
I didn't say anything.

That night, I shunned myself for being so stupid and passing up an opportunity to strike up good old casual conversation. I cried.

Okay. I'm sure it wouldn't literally be like that, but it'd be pretty darn close.

At the moment, I'm reading Chosen by P.C. and Kristin Cast. I love this series to death, and will read them forever.
It doesn't help that I've got many other new books to read. Or that I've already read this series about four times. Or that Remember Me by Christopher Pike really sounds interesting right now . . .
Lately, I haven't been able  to finish anything. Maybe it's because I have so many friggin' books to choose from. I think I'm 1/4-1/2 way through about fifteen books right now because I'm so OCD about them. From now on, though, I'm going to stick to one book. Right now, I'm sticking to Chosen, and hopefully it'll be a good review-type book.
Oh, the woes of having so many choices!

I'm already about halfway through Chosen, starting two nights ago, and hope to finish it within the next day. Or whenever I get around to it.
I'm going to finish the series in order to calm myself down until Awakened, the eighth book, is out. 1-4-11. Such a long wait; agonizing, really.
After that series, I'll probably delve into Remember Me, then start the Darkest Powers Series (The Summoning, The Awakening, The Reckoning).
Pretty exciting schtuff!


First . . . Blog . . . Post . . .EVER!!

So, me being the dorky person I am, I've decided to start a blog.
Some of the crap I'll post may include:
~ random moments in the day that made me happy
~things that ticked me off
~how hard being a teenager is
~how much stress I'm under
~how badly I just want to curl up in the fetal position and ignore everything

No. Uh, most of the stuff I'm going to post will be things about books, because, duh! If you haven't read my username, or the super-sexy blog tagline, then you're obviously impaired.
I'm going to try to keep this bloggie as professional as possible, but of course, like everything else I devote myself to, there will be a bit of personal stuff in here.
(Note to Possible Stalker: Stalk someone else. Seriously. I'm as boring as it gets. Why would you want to stalk me?)
I'll try as hard as I possibly can to edit names and other things like that out of this blog. I will. I promise. Pinky promise.
Anyway, earlier today I picked up a few books from the Target a few minutes away. I sweat my butt off mowing lawns the past weekend and earned $70, and figured there couldn't be a better way to blow it all (well, most of it all. I am left with only $22 remaining, which I'm totally saving for Kiersten White's Paranormalcy, which releases next week) then to buy books.
I bought:
~Remember Me by Christopher Pike; I loved Thirst 1 and Thirst 2 and thought this would be similarly good.)
~The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong; I already have the first two.
~Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins; been waiting forever for this one, though, honestly, I haven't even finished Catching Fire yet . . .
~the new version of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, whom I love. My old one is completely destroyed (though it's first edition and very rare). I thought I'd buy the new edition of it. Heck, it matches better, too.
I'm gonna try to put up some reviews for books that I finish.  But first I'm going to figure out how to import pictures . . . *finds Insert Image button above* Oh! Found it.

Well, I guess that's all for today. I don't know how well I'm going to keep up with this whole LiveJournal thing, but I'm going to try to post every so often. When the time comes that I finish an amazing book, I'll post here.

I'm excited to post my first book review. I've never done it before. Everything else I've ever tried to write has ended up being under 50 words. This is a major accomplishment considering how lengthy this is.



Bookiez!!!! :D
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